Saturday, November 29, 2008

Schmid is Gone, Now Who Does He Take With Him?

Sadly, El Luchador has concluded that Elvis will very soon be leaving the building.

Sigi Schmid, the Buddha of Columbus, the William Howard Taft of American soccer, the MLS Coach of the Year will join the Seattle Sounders FC. The announcement will come this week, probably on Monday, sources tell the Nordecke Luchador.

"I don't know where I'll be next season," Schmid told the Chicago Tribune. "I need to make the decision that's best for my family. But regardless of what happens, the fans in Columbus will always have a special place in my heart."

Sound like someone who intends to stick around?

Sigi, we were never worthy. Thank you for your service to the brothers and sisters of Crew Soccer Nation. El Luchador will pay tribute in greater detail at a later date.

For now, let us all give thanks for what we had. And let us hope that Sigi does not demonstrate the same proclivity for luring players away with him that he did when he left LA.

A friend of Ryan Junge, who was in LA for The Game, tells El Luchador that Schmid will take several Crew players with him to Seattle. Among these will be Danny O’Rourke. Yes, I know he just re-signed with the Crew. That doesn’t matter. Just watch.

At least we will keep Schelotto.

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andyinseattle said...

Even if Sigi left, he's done more than we could have asked of him.

He did a brilliant rebuilding job and is leaving Warzycha with a very capable team. You must remember that many people consider Robert a better game time coach.

It sucks losing a guy who has an unmatched eye for talent and chemistry. But here's what he's leaving us with: Hejduk, Schellotto (hopefully), Moreno, Rogers, Hesmer, Gaven, Carroll, Moffatt, Lenhart, Gino, Ekpo, Noonan, O'Rourke (I think you're wrong about him leaving), Iro, and maybe Marshall.

The state of our team in 2010 is a little less sure without Sigi, but 2009 is still something to be excited about.