Friday, June 5, 2009

This Is Our House

El Luchador must now weigh in on the pro-profanity side of the Nordecke debate.

By now, my brothers and sisters, you are sadly aware that GM Mark McCullers and his band of bourgeois ninny Dublin soccer mom's are conspiring to put the middle-class milquetoast mediocrity back in Crew Stadium by bringing in the jackbooted thugs to enforce strict prohibitions on chants like "This is our house, get the fuck out."

Don't worry Brittany Bubblehead, your kids are already doing, seeing and hearing much worse every Friday night while you're drinking cosmopolitans at the club than anything they will ever witness at Crew stadium.

It's like Eminem said: "Of course they gonna know what intercourse is by the time they hit fourth grade. They got the Discovery Channel don't they?

We, the unwashed, uncouth, uncivilized rabble of the Nordecke hereby resolve that we will not be beaten into comfortable conformity by the likes of Mark McCullers and the country club cougars who gladly support water boarding and the bombing of civilians in Afghanistan but worry that their children might get the wrong idea if they hear the F-bomb at a soccer game.

It all comes down to this: What kind of world do you want to live in? A predictable, safe world ruled by fat, white, conservative, rule-bound suburbanites?

To all douches who have a problem with the profanity and other untidy aspects of Nordecke, El Luchador has a message: "This is our house. Get the fuck out."


Slick Rick from the B-low family of C-bus said...

Brother el Luchador, please don't forget Britanny Bubblehead's favorite TV show, Sex and the City. Where the bourgeois women are loose, easy to bend over and comes on at 8 pm, five nights a week, well before their offspring goes to bed.

Their hypocrisy stinks like the fertilizer I use to feed their precious flowers. Obviously, Crew management feels my hard-earned money is not equal to Bubblehead's money which was earned via slave-labor "investments" that pay pennies to 14-year-old Chinese girls who work 100 hours a week sewing their low-cut jeans that allows Bubblehead to expose their thongs (at Crew games) made by 10-year old girls from Indonesia.

MJDavey said...

What they need to do is bring back AmeriFlora, then we'll ALL be safe! Columbus 'till I fucking die.