Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aston Villa Worth a Look

With nearly four months to go until the Crew’s home opener, how does a true fan get through the long Ohio winter? Take heart, comrades. Across the pond there’s one club that is worthy of your massive support.

Here are El Luchador’s Top 5 reasons for Ohio soccer fans to support Aston Villa Football Club of the English Premier league:

5. Villa's starting keeper is former Crew star and Cleveland native Brad Friedel. Not only is Friedel one of the greatest keepers in U.S. history and one of the the firsts keeperd for the Crew, at 37, he is one of the oldest players in the EPL, but still one of the sharpest. He is the current holder of the English Premier League record for 167 consecutive appearances.

4. Their No. 2 keeper is also an American, former Chivas USA keeper Brad Guzan, making Villa the only top flight football club anywhere outside of North America with two top keepers from the U.S.

3. It is unclear why, but one of their supporter groups is called “C-Crew.” El Luchador met a couple of these fellows when the Crew played host to Aston Villa in a 3-1 loss at Crew stadium in July 2007. They were a good group for hooligans, especially when compared to the wankers from West Ham who polluted our fair city this summer.

2. Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner is also Villa’s majority owner and CEO. After attending college in England, the Brooklyn native acquired a lifelong passion for the beautiful game. He purchased the Browns in 2002 and took control of the Villans in 2006. The Browns season is over (they suck). Root for their sister club in Birmingham.

1. Villa actually have a chance at hardware yet this season. With the English football season reaching the midpoint, Villa are currently in 5th place, with 25 points in 15 games played. They are only one point behind 4th place Arsenal and three points behind third place Man U. They actually have a chance at their first UEFA Champions League appearance in more than 25 years. Any Crew fan should find it easy to get behind this underdog in their bid to break into the Big Four of English soccer against all odds. Also, they are alive and well in the UEFA Cup and the FA Cup competitions.

So, take El Luchador’s advice: Raise a pint to the Lions of Villa Park.

Long time ago in Birmingham

Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-four

By the light of a gas lamp

This famous club was born

Hark now hear the Villa sing

A club was born that day

Who's name will live for evermore
Aston V I L L A


buckeyeboy.903 said...

HULL CITY ALL THE WAY!!!! In a Rugby City (much like the Crew in a football city), black and amber (much like Crew's black and gold), 2nd half come back team (much like the Crew), South American star player (much like GBS), everyone hates them and thingks they're crap (much like everyone hates the Crew), need I go on?! COME ON CITY!!! THE MIGHTY TIGERS....KING OF THE PREMIER!!!!

BaesmanIT said...

Brad Friedel was not the Crew's first keeper. Bo Oshoniyi was the opening day keeper in the 4-0 win over DC. Brad Friedel was acquired in the middle of the season and helped the Crew make the playoffs.