Wednesday, December 10, 2008

McCullers Concedes Loss of Schmid

What El Luchador predicted two weeks ago has now come to pass. Sigi Schmid is leaving. Crew president Mark McCullers issued this statement Tuesday:

“Sigi Schmid has formally declined our last contract offer and will not be returning as head coach of the Columbus Crew. Sigi was the ideal person to turn around our competitive program and create a championship mentality within our club. As a result, we are well positioned moving forward and toward continued success. We respect his desire to seek the next challenge and wish him nothing but the best.”

In an interesting twist, the print edition of the Dispatch (not online yet), reports that Crew management have filed a complaint with the league against expansion Seattle Sounders for holding talks with Schmid, when he has a one-year non-compete clause in his contract. If this is true, not only has the Crew let slip the MLS Coach of the Year, but they are also screwing him on his way out the door.

Everyone seems to think it is a done deal that former Crew player and current top assistant Robert Warzycha will get the job. Not so fast comrades. Remember, a couple important facts: 1) Warzycha would be a good choice and McCullers is incompetent. 2) Last time there was a vacancy, Warzycha was made interim, then passed over for Schmid. Odds are 50-50. The one thing Warzycha has in his favor is that he would come cheap. McCullers and the Hunts are nothing if not tight wads.

The hard working men and women of Crew Soccer Nation deserve better than to lose their Great Leader. The struggle will continue without him. Let us put our support behind the Polish Rifle and persevere in the Black and Gold.

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Anonymous said...

McCullers is NOT incompetent. Mark knows what he is doing. He brought Sigi in to turn the team around, and eventually hand the reigns over to Bob. That's why Sigi and Bob had the same length contracts.

And let's face it. Sigi was not staying here no matter what we did. I think the no-compete clause was there simply because it was thought that he might get the national team job, if in fact there really is a no-compete clause. I guarantee that they will not exercise the no-compete clause, but will seek tampering relief in the form of allocation money or something from Seattle. Draft Picks maybe? We could use a first rounder this year...