Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beckham Out, Friedel Rolls, Palermo On Tap

El Luchador has some shout-outs, observations and predictions:


Hill City Josh said...

No one likes us and we don't care.


Crewfighter said...

Hey couldn't of done it without your guys info.

I don't know how we are going to squeeze in Palermo. But, hopefully we have more allocation money then I expect and maybe you can dump Garey and Oughton. I think that would put us around $200,000. Could get us another good striker but not Palermo.

I bet the Crew does nothing the whole offseason.

Crewfighter said...

The real story is when you guys publish the 2009 numbers. :-)

Jericho said...

also, at least one Crew fan from Dayton will be given a ride in an ambulance due to drinking at a Crew game this year (gotta at least keep up with last year.)