Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ezra's First Coaching Job Good For Him, Good For Seattle, Bad For Crew

The Seattle Sounders’ hiring of veteran former Crew defender Ezra Hendrickson as an assistant to Sigi Schmid does not bode well for the Crew. Why you ask? Because Sigi has a history of bringing players from his old teams with him when he jumps ship, and it is likely we will see more of this.

Top of the list of potential Schmid defections from the Crew to the Sounders is Alejandra Moreno.

Dec. 22, Schmid told “Fox Football Fone In,” that he would not hesitate to pillage: “… As players become available, just like I brought Alejandro Moreno to Columbus and he was very helpful to me, if people become available and I think there’s somebody who can help the team, I will do it.”

Any questions?

El Luchador has inside knowledge that Hendrickson was in negotiations with Schmid before he announced his retirement Jan. 8, and the possibility of going to Seattle under Schmid as a coach played a huge factor in Ezra’s decision.

Whether it is Moreno or others, make no mistake, Ezra will not be the last player to leave Columbus for Seattle this year.

With his years of experience, warm presence and strong leadership, Ezra will make an excellent assistant. For the second time in two months, what's good for Seattle is not so good for the Black and Gold.

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