Friday, February 13, 2009

No Bull: Palermo Deal Drawing Close

  • The Crew is close to making a serious offer to Martin Palermo of Boca Juniors. The uncertainty surrounding his injury (right knee) and his age (35) have dropped the price into the Crew’s range. Some sources are telling El Luchador that the Argentine striker will be making a visit to C-Bus as early as next week.
  • El Luchador’s Crew news and analysis is now on Twitter:
  • After his humiliating smack-down in Columbus this week, Sven-Göran Eriksson will be leaving Mexico for the English Premier League within the next month, probably to return to the EPL as Portsmouth's manager.
  • The U.S. v Mexico match reached more than 10 million homes on Wednesday night, a record audience. No non World Cup final in the United States has even drawn more.
  • U.S. Soccer has released a great highlights video of Team America’s (Fuck Yeah) defeat of Mexico.
  • Frankie Hejduk deserves the credit for getting things rolling on that first goal, earning the corner kick that led to the first goal. In honor of his Massiveness, El Luchador offers three classic videos: Frankie tailgating, Frankie’s Starbucks obsession and Frankie chugging on the field.

Columbus till I die mother fuckers.


Rich said...

Reading this article, it does not sound like he is going anywhere.

Nordecke Luchador said...

Yeah, I saw that. It's possible he is posturing. Stay tuned ...

Crewfighter said...

I think Sica took the title a little far. All it sounds like to me from Palermo's words is "that I hope to retire with Boca." Doesn't mean Boca has any plans for him in the first team and sounds a whole lot like the respectful dance that Schelotto did with the Boca faithful before going to the Crew in 2007.