Monday, February 9, 2009

Message From 'Bradley' to El Tri: Don't Bother

There have been rumors and reports left and right about where the Mexicans are staying in Columbus this week. El Luchador has the real scoop.

It appears that "El Tri" are staying at the Westin Columbus on South High Street. Rumors that they have moved to the Double Tree Guest Suites on Front Street were part of a rouse the Mexicans have attempted to pull in order to thwart any attempts to fuck with them.

Here’s how the agents at Nordecke Central came to this conclusion:

Several of our operatives called the Doubletree using both American and Mexican accents and asking to speak with several players off the Mexican roster. The answer was always the same: a polite, “We have no guest here by that name.”

Then, we called the Westin, and it went like this (actual transcript):

Operator: “Hello, the Westin Columbus, how may I help you?”
El Luchador Agent: “Hi, I have a client who I think is staying there this evening, and I would like to get in touch with him.”
Operator: “OK, what is the name sir?”
El Luchador Agent: “Omar Bravo.”
Operator: “Let me check that for you. PAUSE. OK, sir, I am unable to connect you to that guest, but I would be happy to relay a message to him. Is there a message you would like for me to give to Mr. Bravo?”
El Luchador Agent: “Yes, please tell him that he doesn’t need to show up to the event on Wednesday.”
Operator: “And you are?”
El Luchador Agent: “Bob Bradley.”
Operator: “OK, I have the message for guest Omar Bravo as, ‘Bob Bradley says you do not need to show up to the event on Wednesday.’ Is that correct, sir?”
El Luchador Agent: “Yes that’s correct, no need to bother showing up.”
Operator: “We will make sure that Mr. Bravo gets that message.”
El Luchador Agent: “Thanks so much, and have a nice evening.”
Operator: “You too sir.”

Try it yourself:
Westin Columbus 310 S. High StreetColumbus, OH 43215(614) 228-3800

Or better yet, go down there and make some noise.

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