Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MLS Owners Called Out: El Luchador Speaks on World Football Daily

By El Chupa
Nordecke Luchador, appeared on World Football Daily yesterday in a truly righteous meeting of the minds.  Click below to view a rare video appearance by the leading fan-spokesperson for the rights of the players in the ongoing labor struggle with the men who control the means of production in Major League Soccer. El Luchador, Kenny Hassan and Steven Cohen speak truth to power in these two segments also available on YouTube.

In a late breaking development today, the group MLS Solidarity issued a challenge to Don Garber to appear on WFD and debate El Luchador.

"The 175 members of MLS Solidarity do hereby challenge MLS Commissioner Don Garber to appear with the Nordecke Luchador on World Football Daily to debate the MLS labor showdown. Refusal to appear for this debate or even respond to this challenge will be understood as a tacit admission that the MLS owners' position is morally bankrupt and completely indefensible."

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