Thursday, July 23, 2009

El Luchador's Line: LA at KC (Sweet Action!)

The headline says it all. We believe this game offers some sweet action. Here's the latest line:

KC +140 LA +160 Tie 220 Over -133 Under -105

The Luchametric has LA at 130 and KC at 81. This is largely due to the number of draws LA has amassed compared to KC. In other categories, they look very similar. However, LA now has Beckham. Love him or hate him (as we do) he adds to an already potent offense. We think for KC to be favored here is nuts. Admittedly, they are not favored by much (probably a nod to homefield, which btw we believe is an embarrasment to the MLS), but still, of all the games through Sunday, we believe this one offers the intelligent wagerer perhaps the sweetest action of the week. LA to win.

As always, check your sources for the most up-to-date lines available.

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