Monday, July 27, 2009

Updated Power Rankings

The power rankings have been fully updated since last weekend's games. We have tweaked the metric to reflect the latest information we've gleaned from the raw data. The metric is normed to reflect the value of each variable in terms of Goals--Goals being the standard, so to speak. So, a home win is equivalent to 4 G, an Away Win equals 9.08 G, and a Draw is worth 1.32 G. Note also that we have switched to TS per Game as the primary measure of Team Strength. We think that this give a more accurate sense of the relative merits of each team week in and week out. The overall number gives us a sense of how much a team has produced offensively over the course of the entire season. The league average is 4.9 TS/GM. We expect the rest of the year to play out with the teams above 4.9 racking up more Ws and Ds than the average, and the teams below 4.9 racking up fewer Ws and Ds. We'll, of course, see what actually happens. --El Lucha and El Chupa

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