Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the Punters: Upcoming MLS Games

By El Chupacabra

El Chupa has seen the lines and has discovered some possibilities for punters to make astute wagers this week on MLS matches. Here's our advice, with more to follow.

TOR at SEA - Take SEA and the negative and earn a modest percentage on a high percentage win for SEA at home. SEA is in a bit of a nose dive but so is TOR and we think SEA is the far better club. The Luchametric tells us so.

RSL at KC - REVISED: It is tempting to take RSL at +200 but they absolutely stink on the road. KC's recent form, contrary to what we thought, has been dismal. And they are fully capable of losing at home. RSL just crushed CVS but their recent form is uneven. This one is probably too close to call. Although if you like to gamble rather than wager. RSL to win is some sweet action; they need another win toot sweet to keep their playoff hopes alive.

CVS "at" LA - LA to win is even money in the line and CVS just played a tough game on the road against RSL where they were absolutely crushed. Even money on LA to win even though it's hard to say if either team has home field advantage in this game is decent action. CVS has not beaten LA this season while LA has one win in their two meetings.

Crew at NY - The early line has our boys at a modest -105. Give me a break. The best team in the MLS hands down and one whose recent form is truly excellent against the worst team in the MLS whose recent form is awful but for one win that was a near draw at that. This might be surest thing of the week, but the negative odds precludes us from making it our pick of the week. Of course, we thought Man U vs Burnley last week was a no-brainer as well. Caveat Emptor. And Let's Go Crew!

The rest of the games are too close for comfort in our view and could easily go either way or end in draws. Betting on a draw is like kissing your sister, only paying her for it in the bargain. That's called incest. Can you spell incest boys and girls? Let's hope not.

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