Thursday, August 27, 2009

For the Punters: Upcoming EPL Matches

By El Chupa

A lot of great matches this weekend, not too many opportunities for high percentage wagers. But we can offer our loyal reader(s) three decent possibilities:

West Ham at Blackburn - Take West Ham at +200. This one puzzles us. West Ham lost to Tottenham but soundly beat Wolves. Blackburn has two losses including one to Sunderland. Most importantly, West Ham is near the top of the LM ratings and Blackburn at the bottom. We think the books have this one dead wrong and there is a great opportunity for the punter to make a high percentage killing. Of course, the West Ham thugs' performance outside Upton Park this week after the Millwall match hasn't helped the Hammers' image. El Chupa's EPL Pick of the Week. UPDATE: Our resident EPL expert, Dr. Bumba, says Blackburn's coach is top notch and that his players will walk through fire for him. He claims a draw is more likely. We shall see.

Hull City at Wolves - This one could go either way but we like Wolves at home here given their win at Wigan, their ranking over Hull in the LM, home field advantage, and the Even odds. UPDATE: Dr. Bumba claims Wolves is still an unknown quantity and even at home he likes Hull City. Again, we shall see.

Arsenal at Man U - This one could go either way as well, and the odds are good no matter who you take. CAVEAT EMPTOR - Fabregas is iffy, but the Red Arses look deep and strong this year. If you are looking for a gamble that is a sound bet which could certainly pay off (but could also not pay off) take Arsenal and the win at +200 and enjoy the match on FSC. Kramer says : "That's some sweet action!" UPDATE: Dr. Bumba and El Lucha finally agree on something: Aresenal to win.

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