Thursday, August 20, 2009

LA Woman: Mojo Rising--Crew Finally Near the Top

Love Donovan (the player, not the singer, although Hurdy Gurdy man is da bomb and my band used to do a mind-blowing version of Season of the Witch), hate Beckham. But LA is clearly a different team than they were earlier in the season. El Luchador knew this; El Chupacabra did not. El Chupacabra lost what he thought was a very sensible wager yesterday--El Chupacabra is clearly a moron. But, hey, freaking Burnley beat Man U yesterday as well. So, all punters need to remember that the games are played on the pitch and not on paper.

The Crew is not a whisker behind Chicago in the power rankings. LA, however, is quickly rising through the rankings and the standings. The rest of the MLS needs to look out. With Houston, Seattle and Chicago showing clear signs of mortality, the September 26th tango with LA could prove to be a huge match for the Crew and a preview of the playoffs. CLB 'till I die O my brothers and sisters.

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