Friday, August 21, 2009

Liverpool Scum Succeed

El Luchador has always tried to remain neutral in maters of English football. But, now come the Liverpool horde to dismantle the best soccer radio show in North America, and we must now take sides.

Steven Cohen is not the most thoughtful or compassionate or self-aware football warrior in our ranks. But he is among the brightest, most knowledgeable and articulate English commentators on the game in this hemisphere. And his partner, Kenny Hassan, is the most sober and substantive Scotsman in the world football commentating community next to Bobby McMahon.

Their show, World Soccer Daily, for 7 years has been the epicenter of American soccer culture. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. soccer fans listen in through pod casts and satellite radio every day.

About 5 months ago, Steven made some off-colour and ill-advised statements about the 96 Liverpool fans who perished under the feet of their own brethren on Sept. 15, 1989, in what has come to be known as the Hillsboro Disaster.

Most fans of the world’s game know that there is a segment of the Liverpool fandom who are drunken, knuckle-dragging, violent, ignorant, specimens who swim in the shallow end of the homo sapien gene pool.

Ever since Steven’s comments this spring, these Liverpool fans have put on a campaign to destroy the show. They started by getting advertisers to pull out. This went on for several months, and took a financial toll on the show. The Liverpool troglodytes ultimately succeeded by resorting to physical, personal threats to Hassan and Cohen and their families. And they announced today that this was their last show.

“I believe that if this goes on, people are going to get hurt, people are going to get killed, and it’s just not worth it, it’s simply not worth it,” Cohen said.

“It’s just a stupid crusade,” said Hassan. “Tell people don’t listen to the show, but to harass us off the air, families and the threats and stuff, it just went too far.”

So, here comes the irony. There are decent Liverpool fans, but they have been made irrelevant by fuck heads who have now destroyed the best English-language football show this side of the Atlantic.

If you are a living, breathing, thinking, aware, human soccer fan in the United States, then there is only one conclusion. Down with Liverpool. Down with the Kop. Remember the 96, but never support the Reds. ‘Till I Die. Till We Die.


electrickeeper said...
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electrickeeper said...

What about Chelsea distancing themselves from Cohen? They prohibited anyone associated with the club from appearing on the show as long as Cohen was still on.