Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing El Luchador's EPL Power Rankings

The 2009-2010 EPL season is underway and we are pleased to offer our loyal readers the official Luchametric Power Rankings for that storied league. The metric is very similar to the MLS metric with slight differences in certain areas due to the availability of certain data which are not available for MLS games and vice versa (we've been able to add corners against, for example, but have lost assists for the time being) . The numbers will fluctuate wildly the first few weeks of the season, but we had the data and spreadsheets ready so we decided to go ahead and post them. In addition, we discovered this weekend that using last year's data to rank the teams was virtually useless, as it's clear some teams are much better (Spurs) and some much worse (Aston Villa) than last year.

Not surprisingly, Arsenal's six away goals in their away win put them at the top of the heap. It is, of course, extremely early.

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