Monday, October 12, 2009

MLS Power Rankings Updated: Crew Keeps Distance from Rest of the Pack

By El Chupa
The MLS Power Rankings have been fully updated through the weekend's games. There is movement in the ordinal rankings. But you have to look closely at the Z Score to realize just how close are CVS, HOU, CHI, COL, SEA and LA. Even DAL are less than .5 of a Stand Dev behind CVS. In other words, like Lance Armstrong leading the peloton, the Crew are the only team in the league to achieve any real separation. NE continues to lag far behind the rest of the pack. Revolution fans can suck it, you're team stinks. And if it weren't for the suits at the International House of Soccer, you'd be making your off season plans at this point. Given you face the Crew, on the road, in the final game of the season, that fork in your ass must be rather noticeable at this point. Columbus 'till I die.

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