Thursday, September 3, 2009

EPL Power Rankings Updated: Things Not What They Seem

By El Chupa
The metric for the EPL has been fully tweaked and updated. As you can see, our numbers offer some interesting insights. First, Liverpool is far from dead in the water. They don't have the results, but their production puts them above the league average by .33 of a standard deviation. Granted, the next five teams in the rankings are doing much better, but Liverpool is ahead of the rest of the league--they're just not doing as well as would be expected. However, we expect them to start getting results and to gain on the rest of the big four.

Note also how far down Stoke is relative to their actual position in the League table. It's early in the long season, and they have the pts, but the Luchametric suggests that they really belong in the middle of the pack.

Finally, in spite of their loss to Man U (which clearly was largely a result of piss-poor officiating [and a moronic own goal]) the Luchametric puts Arsenal ahead of Man U. We stand by this ranking. Arsenal was all over Man U and generated far more chances. Rooney the Cave Man's PK was a freaking JOKE. And the goal Arsenal scored in extra time was stolen from them by--hold your breath--piss-poor officiating.

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