Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Ahead and Hate Your Neighbor

By El Luchador
Near the end of Billy Jack, as he is holed up against the authorities and the Man is closing in, Billy asks: “In what remote corner of this country – no, entire God damn planet – is there a place where people really care about one another and really love each other? Now, you tell me were such a place is, and I promise you that I'll never hurt another human being as long as I live.”

El Luchador knows of such a place. It is called the Nordecke. It is on the northeast corner of Crew Stadium. And just as Billy Jack’s commitment to pacifism often was challenged, so too does El Luchador find himself wanting to go berserk when he sees what Crew General Manager Mark McCullers is determined to do to the beloved Nordecke.

Wednesday’s disappointing CONCACAF match against Saprissa was noteworthy for more than just the fact that the referee was clearly intent on influencing the outcome.

Look at the video accompanying this article.

Crew General Manager Mark McCullers’ jack-booted thugs were gathered two and three abreast at each entrance to the supporters’ sections. El Luchador was barred entrance more than once because he did not hold a ticket to that section. Meanwhile, one could sit anywhere else in the stadium with no problem.

And look at the crowd barriers on the railings of the Nordecke. This is unprecedented. Several security guards interviewed for this article were afraid to go on camera because Crew General Manager Mark McCullers would fire them if he found out that they had spoken the Truth. They said they were under strict orders not to let anyone into the Nordecke who did not have a ticket for that section. They said the barriers will be a new feature at Crew Stadium to keep people from the rails of the Nordecke and the Nordecke alone.

One of the beautiful things about a night at Crew Stadium has always been the experience of wandering the terraces and watching the match from the rails above the Nordecke. Now we can’t even do that because of Mark McCullers’ obsessive need to control? His obsessive Red State compulsion to tell us how to live our lives? The unresolved control issues with his overbearing father? His sense of sexual inadequacy? His fear of abandonment?

Billy Jack fought to protect the kids at the Freedom School from the redneck townspeople.

El Luchador stands ready to defend his pacifist brothers and sisters of Nordecke against the totalitarian tyranny of Crew General Manager Mark McCullers.

I leave you with this simple question: What self-respecting football club on the planet literally erects barriers to keep their own fans out of the supporters' section and prevent them from even standing on the terrace? Keeping out Toronto's knuckledraggin, mouth-breathing cave men? Ok, but the Crew faithful?

Sung to the tune of "O My Darling Clementine"

Who's your father? Who's your father? Who's your father, Mark M'Cullers?

You don't know him, never had one, you're a bastard Mark M'Cullers.

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