Friday, September 18, 2009

EPL Predictions and Handicapping: It's Parlay Time!

By El Chupa

We've already told you about Sunderland at Burnley. Here's the rest of our offerings for this weekend's matches.

Aston Villa, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U, - Parlay some combination of these four teams. Right now, a three team parlay of Aston, Liverpool and Arsenal pays +150. We think that's a great return on a very high percentage wager.

Stoke at Bolton - El Chupa thinks this one is too close. Dr. Bumba says take Bolton as they've got a great coach and they're at home. El Chupa thinks a draw is likely and must admit that it pays well at +250, but he hates to wager on draws.

Spurs at Chelsea - Chelsea has to draw or lose eventually, and eventually they will draw or lose at home. Is this the weekend? We thought Spurs looked very good vs Man U and that with a bounce here or there it could have been a draw or even a Spurs win. Can they go into Stamford Bridge and come away with one to three points? If you're a gambler, you might throw the dice on this one. But we still have not seen very many signs that Chelsea is vulnerable, especially at home. It might be low scoring, but El Chupa predicts a Chelsea win.

Blackburn at Everton -Everton is favored but we think this might be closer than the books think. Whether it's worth a toss at +360 is the question.

The rest are too tight for El Chupa's pocketbook.

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